Ady An cries over mural Shone An promised to show her

Ady An searched New York for a mural of a pair of white wings that Shone An had promised to take her to

Ady An cries over mural Shone An promised to show her

Taiwanese actress Ady An was in New York for work matters and purposely stayed in town for a few more days. The 34-year-old posted on Weibo and appeared to be in a lot of emotional pain still, nearly a month after her very close friend, actor Shone An, passed away from liver cancer on June 1.

Ady recalled their trip to New York together last September and wrote in her post, “That day, we split up to explore two different places and when we reunited, he proudly showed me a photo of him standing in front of a pair of white wings painted on the mural wall behind him. He also said that he would bring me there to take photographs.”

Although she was unfamiliar with the place, Ady decided to search for the same wall and succeeded with the help of a single photograph. However, she arrived to discover that the mural of the white wings was no longer there and it is now replaced with a colourful array of spray painted hearts.

“The wings are now gone because he’s already flown away with them. Yes, it’s true that angels need their wings! And what he’s left behind for me is his massive amount of love,” she wrote.

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