Ady An: I will see Shone An in my next life

Ady An, Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei were present at Shone An’s funeral held on Monday 

Ady An: I will see Shone An in my next life

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A funeral for former Comic Boyz member Shone An, who passed away at the age of 31 after battling cancer, was held at his Tainan hometown on Monday. Showbiz friends like Taiwanese artistes Esther Liu, Hsia Yu-chiao, Bianca Bai and Joe Chen specially came down to pay their last respects and say their final goodbyes.

Shone’s Comic Boyz band mates Kingone Wang and Peter Chang were also present at the funeral, but other band mate Figaro Tseng was unable to make it because of work.

Ady An: I will see Shone An in my next life

Taiwanese actress-singer Barbie Hsu and her businessman husband Wang Xiaofei who had written Shone’s name wrongly on Weibo in his dedication post was also present at the funeral.

Barbie said, “No matter what, I had to come and send Shone off on his final journey today.”

Taiwanese talk show host Dee Hsu’s husband Xu Yajun commented that Dee cried when she heard the news and felt that Shone was a very caring boy for keeping the news of his disease from everyone.

Ady An: I will see Shone An in my next life

Ady An, whom Shone had always seen as his dear sister, took a leave of absence from her work (she was on shoot in Shenzhen) and appeared quite haggard-looking at his funeral. The actress teared uncontrollably in interviews as she explained her final words for Shone: “Little An (her nickname for Shone) loves to see everyone smiling and being happy and left the best of him behind. He once said that he was afraid that people would forget him when he’s gone, so I told him just now, ‘We will never ever forget you’.”

As the end of the interview, Ady fought back her tears and smiled, saying, “I need to peel my own shrimps for now, I will have snacks by myself at the night market now, but it’s okay. I will be strong. Our friendship is to be continued when we reunite in our next lifetime.”

Ady An: I will see Shone An in my next life

After the wake, Shone’s body was cremated and his ashes have been placed in the same temple as his grandparents to rest in peace.

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