Ady An still mourning over Shone An’s death

Ady An cried uncontrollably as she remembered Shone An who died of a secret battle with liver cancer

Ady An still mourning over Shone An’s death

Taiwanese actor-singer Shone, 31 had a sudden death on Monday (June 1) due to liver cancer and actress Ady An, who thinks of Shone as a brother, is still unable to face the reality of his passing.

When 34-year-old Ady accepted a reporter’s phone call, she sounded choked with tears and tried to conceal her grief, but burst into tears recalling her 10-year friendship with her best friend. She told the reporter that it was a secret battle for him, “Shone chose to hide his medical condition just so everyone else could live happily.”

When the actress received the news that Shone was nearing his death, she was in the midst of a television show shoot in China and the crew wouldn’t let her leave. She had an emotional breakdown in her caretaker’s car and begged the director to let her go.

Ady cried even louder after saying, “I was so scared; I didn’t know how to face it. Everyone was calling me, asking me to come quickly and Shone was waiting for me to arrive.”

The two grew attached since the time they both acted on the Chinese drama series Fast Track Love in 2006.

After Shone left the performing industry and quit his Taiwanese vocal quartet boy band Comic Boyz, his career path that followed wasn’t smooth, resulting in him heading to a nightclub to get a job as a public relations manager.

Ady couldn’t bear to see his drunken state and didn’t want him to always stay out till late, so she forced him to leave the job and presented Shone to the production company and talent agency Huayi Brothers Media Corporation.

Although the crew called her a diva for “bringing in someone to disciple”, she chose to ignore them because she didn’t want to leave Shone in his state.

Just two years ago, Shone was diagnosed with liver cancer. Ady believed his lies about how his condition was in its earliest stage and that surgery was not necessary as the survival rate is high. In March this year, after the two came back from a holiday at Phuket Resort, Ady took on a new television show project, unaware of his worsening condition.

Through a mutual friend, she found out that Shone had given up on receiving medical treatment and she was so angry that she immediately forced him to be admitted into the Taipei Medical University Hospital to continue his treatment.

She explained with much difficulty, “He even threatened the assistants, saying he would get them fired if they were to let me know about his condition. As a result, no one dared to inform me. He kept it from me and lied to me. Why didn’t he give me more time?”

When the news of his condition began to spread around, Shone poked fun at Ady by asking her to find a good man for herself. Ady cried more uncontrollably when she said, “He was my guardian angel. He was supposed to be the one to give consent to who I fall in love with. What’s going to happen now?”

She continued to say that Shone had always been there for her in her tough times and that he was very caring. He didn’t like to disturb others with his problems and was a very filial son who always saved money to give to his family.

Additionally, a few of the hospital staff even said that he was a very kind child, often buying snacks to reward the staff at the intensive care unit. On his deathbed, he had requested for his manager to accompany him to sleep, but was declined  by the nurse who later admitted that she felt guilty for rejecting him and added, “I feel so sorry. Maybe if I had let his manager stay, his outcome wouldn’t be like this”.

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