Aimee Chan forbids Moses Chan from hugging their kids

Moses Chan needs to start smoking again for a role and has to stay away from the children because he reeks of smoke

Aimee Chan forbids Moses Chan from hugging their kids

For his new show titled Fashion War, Hong Kong actor Moses Chan had to get a haircut and even change his hair colour (he’s got black hair on top and white hair on the sides now) to play his role as a trendsetter.

That’s not all he had to change though, because staff revealed that smoking is also a part of his role in the show.

For many years, 44-year-old Moses hasn’t been made to shoot smoking scenes for a show, not even for his “baddie” role in When Heaven Burns. However, for this particular role, he is required to act as a chain smoker.

For the sake of his two young sons who have barely turned 2, Moses quit his smoking habit years ago and because he hadn’t done it for so long, he was not used to it during his shoot in Wanchai District, China. His staff revealed that he “could not wait to put the cigarettes and lighter down the moment the camera stopped rolling”. The staff even witnessed him flinching at the smell of his fingers.

Besides the fact that his children don’t recognise him anymore because of his new look, his actress wife Aimee Chan actually forbids him from being near the children because he smells of smoke when he gets home after work.

Normally, the first thing Moses would do when he arrives home is to embrace his children. However, during this period of filming, Aimee would make him take a bath or at least wash his hands first before he can be allowed to hug them. Sometimes, by the time he gets out of the shower, the children would already be already fast asleep.

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