Aimee Chan is pregnant with a boy

The Hong Kong actress revealed the gender of her second child to be a boy


Hong Kong actor Moses Chan and his wife Aimee Chan are currently expecting their second child, a boy, after their first son, Aiden Joshua Chan, was born last December.

Aimee, who is four months pregnant, announced the gender of the baby at a fashion event yesterday, “It’s a boy, I have two boys.”

The couple had put off related questions previously but the jubilant second-time mother-to-be joked that she will soon have “three lovers, including Moses”.

When asked if she was afraid that they may fight for her attention, the actress laughed, “Not at all. As a woman, I will be very happy. The two boys will become best friends as they are only 14 months apart in age,” adding that Moses and his brother older than him by a year are close as well.

Although Aimee revealed she intends to pass Aiden Joshua’s clothes on to his younger brother to save money, she will also buy new ones for the younger one “as it is not fair for him to wear his brother’s old clothes”.

With regards to trying for a third child, the 33-year-old hopes for it to be a girl but will take it slow as she aims to be a “working mum to balance work and family”.

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