Aimee Chan’s secret to good breast milk supply

Aimee Chan praised husband Moses Chan for being “a good father” for making stew for her

Aimee Chan’s secret to good breast milk supply

Hong Kong television actor Moses Chan’s actress wife Aimee Chan attended the opening ceremony of a new healthcare store two days ago, looking slim two months after giving birth to her second child.

This being her first event since childbirth, the media questioned 34-year-old Aimee about her secrets to staying slim and maintaining a radiant and rosy complexion.

The Miss Hong Kong of 2006 replied that she did not bother trying to lose weight because she wanted to make sure her baby has the best milk during breast-feeding. She also said that she was willing to put on weight just to make sure that her baby is healthy.

Aimee also revealed that she used the following food recipe to increase her breast milk supply: “Drink fish maw soup with red dates and cordyceps to produce more milk.” She also praised her husband for always taking the time to cook stews for her, calling him “a good father”.

The mother of two admitted that they haven’t selected a name for their younger son yet and hopes to name him according to his character in future.

Moses and Aimee got married in June 2013 and welcomed their first child in December the same year. The actress subsequently got pregnant again in 2014 and her two sons are 14 months apart.

Many have complimented their children for having nice facial features, saying that they have inherited their parents’ good genes.

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