Alan Tam seen on dinner outing with partner and son

Family of three moves on from extramarital affair and live openly now

Alan Tam

Hong Kong singer Alan Tam was spotted having dinner with his partner, Wendy Chu, son Tam Hiu Fung, and artiste friends including Russell Cheung, Danny Yip and Bennett Pang, Hong Kong media reports.

The Monday night dinner outing was further proof that the Tam family are now at peace with their past. Hiu Fung was born out of wedlock to Alan and Wendy in 1996, when Alan was married to Sally Yeung, and the singer only acknowledged Wendy and the child 10 years later.

Earlier this year, Sally seemed to have come to terms with everything when she announced her decision to relinquish her assets and become a nun.

The 19-year-old Hiu Fung, who sat next to Alan during the dinner, also appears to have inherited his father’s features. He was once offered a recording contract, which his father turned down on his behalf.

During dinner, the youngster had one glass of wine before switching to water, and seemed polite and good-natured.

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