Alec Su too muscular for his fans?

Efforts at the gym don’t pay off, with some calling his post-workout selfie “wretched”


Alec Su was forced to delete a post-workout selfie from Weibo after fans expressed distaste with the 41-year-old singer–actor’s new, more ripped look, Taiwan media reports.

The selfie shared on Sunday shocked fans accustomed to his image as a soft-spoken, baby-faced intellectual. Though the post received numerous comments expressing support, some were wistful for the scholarly look Alec is known for. Extra mean comments included, “That build, that outfit … he looks wretched.”


After finding out his fans’ reactions to the offending photo, Alec quickly deleted it and said, “It seems everyone dislikes that I put effort into working out. Oh well. I’ve been holing up working on screenwriting, so I thought I’d take some time to improve my lifestyle.”

Alec made his directorial debut this April with his movie The Left Ear, now a massive hit in mainland China.

“Since becoming a director, the pace is different, and I suppose I should change for the better,” he added. “I’ll take it slow before things speed up. All is well, no worries.”

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