Alien Huang: I'd love to work with Rui En again

The Taiwanese entertainer expressed his wish to collaborate with the local actress while in town to promote his latest album, ALiEN

Alien Huang: I'd love to work with Rui En again

Video: Teng Siew Eng

Taiwanese entertainer Alien Huang made headlines recently – though perhaps not in the way he wanted to. Reports that the friendship between Alien and Show Luo turned sour surfaced in November, sparking fierce online debates between the respective artistes’ fans.

While in Singapore to promote his latest album, ALiEN, local media also took the opportunity to ask the 32-year-old about the scandal during a round table interview. Pausing to contemplate before answering, he mused, “(Our relationship) is still the same – it’s always been the same.”

When probed for more, he shared, “To be honest, I don’t really like mentioning him because he’s helped me a lot; from the beginning, I’ve never liked to mention others’ names in my interviews for a simple reason: I’ve always worked hard to attain my goals and I don’t want to ride on others’ coattails in order to gain any sort of advantage.”

Alien Huang: I'd love to work with Rui En again

“They might not feel this way but others might feel that it’s what I’m trying to do and I’m not comfortable with that. I’ve clarified our situation to the Taiwanese media previously and I don’t want to do that again in Singapore – especially at the risk of harming (Show’s) fans or his reputation,” Alien continued.

“But if you really want to know what our relationship is, I can honestly tell you that we’re like a teacher and his student,” he concluded. Who then, is the teacher? “Show, of course!” Alien responded immediately in mock horror, while the rest of the room burst into laughter.

Show and Alien have co-hosted popular variety show 100% Entertainment from 2006 but the latter recently made the decision to bid the show goodbye to focus more on acting and singing. He had a hand in composing, mixing and the overall production in all of the 10 tracks on his fourth studio album.

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