All’s well between Tony Sun and Angel Han

Representatives of the pair reportedly met up to work out their differences

All’s well between Tony Sun and Angel Han

Taiwanese stars Angel Han and Tony Sun have worked out their differences two months after they announced the end of their four-year marriage.

While the two have never addressed the real reason behind their sudden split, much speculation has been swirling around the pair, with some saying that the split was due to financial troubles, while others declared that it was Angel who initiated the divorce

In the midst of the crossfire, both parties have reportedly reconciled. Sun De Rong, the former manager of boyband 5566, shared “I hope everyone can just get along and be good friends. For people who were once in love, leaving a way out for each other and being friends should be possible, isn’t it?”

De Rong and Angel’s manager’s meeting is said to have gone well and they have gone to the extent of discussing possible future collaborations, including managing an idol group together. Angel also confirmed that she will not reject the possibility of working with Tony on a drama together.

Through her manager, Angel also expressed her support for De Rong’s wishes and stressed that everyone, including Tony, can still be friends after all that has happened “because we were once in love (and) treasured each other”.

Angel’s manager shared, “Angel doesn’t want to see Tony at a dead end either; I believe that Sanlih E-Television (a Taiwanese television company) will still look him up when necessary as well.”

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