Alyssa Chia admits to May-December romance

The Taiwanese actress is currently dating fellow actor Shiou Chieh Kai

贾静雯羞认姐弟恋 勾小9岁修杰楷河滨亲热3

Following her divorce with ex-husband Charles Sun, Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia has admitted to a May-December romance with fellow actor Shiou Chieh Kai (Xiu Jie Kai), whose last movie project was Black & White 2, yesterday.

The two, who reportedly knew each other through her younger brother recently, were spotted strolling by the Riverside Park in Taipei last Sunday (Oct 19) with her nine-year-old daughter Angelina Sun. Alyssa and Chieh Kai were seen behaved intimately after Angelina went ahead of them with her pet dog.

At the movie premiere of Chilling Effect yesterday, a radiant Alyssa thanked the media for their concern.

Chieh Kai, who is nine years younger than the 40-year-old actress-host, responded through Weibo early this morning and wrote: “I also treasure the people who appear in my life. I will work hard to protect the friends and family members around me.”

He had initially offered to train Alyssa for a race event but their relationship improved tremendously and they have gone on several trips together.

贾静雯羞认姐弟恋 勾小9岁修杰楷河滨亲热1.jpg

In addition, Alyssa was previously rumoured to be in a relationship with female actress Kong Qing Yi and it is said that Charles had commented on Chieh Kai’s Weibo post: “Alyssa is still together with Qing Yi.”

But Qing Yi expressed her support for Alyssa through a comment: “Alyssa is a kind and filial daughter who is willing to give her all for her daughter. I will support her in whatever she does.”

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