Alyssa Chia celebrates 41st birthday with Xiu Jie Kai, daughters

The best present is family, actress says

Alyssa Chia 1

Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia uploaded a series of photos on Facebook yesterday and Tuesday to mark her 41st birthday. Among the snaps of cake, a card and a wrapped gift, she included shots of her two daughters and her husband, actor Xiu Jie Kai, 32.

“Every year I’m told I should make a wish on my birthday, and everyone wants to know what I wish for,” she wrote. “Every year I wish that heaven will watch over my family and friends, and give them good health and happiness, and this year it’s the same.”

Alyssa Chia 2

“What presents do I wish for? Heaven has given me everything I’m intended to have. And right now I treasure the birthday gifts that are here before my eyes.”

Fans offered her their birthday well-wishes, and congratulated her on her loving family.

Jie Kai and Alyssa welcomed their first child, a daughter nicknamed “Bu Bu,” on August 14. Alyssa has an older daughter, Angelina, from her first marriage.

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