Alyssa Chia garners praise from mother-in-law

The actress’s mother-in-law had made an appearance on Super Mom


Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia’s second daughter, nicknamed Bubu has been making waves online for her large doe eyes and cuteness ever since the mother-daughter pair appeared on the Chinese reality show, Super Mom.

Recently, the 41-year-old’s mother-in-law made an appearance on the show as well, where she praised Alyssa during an interview, saying, “She’s a very, very, good woman. [Alyssa] is thoughtful, with a heart of gold, and she treats others well too.”

Although Super Mom has only been airing for a little more than a month, viewers have already gotten a peek into Alyssa’s daily life with actor husband Xiu Jie Kai, Bubu and her eldest daughter, Angelina.

Bubu’s cute antics, from her reaction to her first swimming lessons, to getting a huge insect bite on her face, have also captivated viewers, who deemed her the “Youngest Internet Celebrity”. In fact, Bubu’s grandmother seems to be the 10-month-old’s biggest fan.  On the show, the grandmother extolled the power of genetics, and commented that nobody would ever bear to take their eyes off Bubu.

Jie Kai and Alyssa tied the knot in early 2015, and welcomed their first child, Bubu, on August 14. Alyssa also has an older daughter, Angelina, from her first marriage to businessman Sun Zhihao.

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