Alyssa Chia goes on pregnancy leave

The 40-year-old Taiwanese actress is in a good condition and is slated to give birth this September 

Alyssa Chia goes on pregnancy leave

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Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia, who is five months pregnant and expecting her first child with actor-boyfriend Xiu Jie Kai, is taking a break from work to focus on her pregnancy.

Jie Kai’s manager revealed on Wednesday (May 6) that the couple are expecting a baby girl and Alyssa is slated to give birth this September. She added that the 40-year-old actress is in a good condition as she enjoys a good appetite, has no morning sickness and has only gained three kilograms so far.

Jie Kai, on the other hand, is taking up more casting offers to earn more money for his family. He would also be doing his national service at the end of the year, after the birth of their child.

However, netizens recently raised doubts on Jie Kai’s ability to support Alyssa and their children.

After Alyssa’s high-profile divorce from her wealthy tycoon ex-husband Sun Zhihao in 2010, she racked in an annual income of over NT$100 million (approximately S$4.3 million) as she participated in many dramas, advertisements and events to support her first daughter “Wu Tong Mei”. Jie Kai’s income, however, is reportedly less than half of Alyssa’s income as he only has one drama and two endorsements at the moment.

Still, the 32-year-old has set up his own management company Central Line Entertainment in March to manage both his and Alyssa’s careers and have more control over their personal lives.

Alyssa Chia goes on pregnancy leave

Although Alyssa’s former husband declined to comment on her pregnancy, his model-girlfriend Novia Lin congratulated the couple on the new addition in their family. 

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