Alyssa Chia: I couldn’t leave my daughter behind

Actress recounts custody battle with ex-husband over Angelina, 10


Following speculation that she didn’t love her two daughters equally, Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia, 41, has spoken up about the bitter custody battle she fought to keep her elder daughter, Angelina Sun, 10, with her.

During a recent interview, the actress revealed that while she was splitting from her first husband, Sun Zhihao, and fighting for custody of Angelina, her friends had tried to persuade her to leave the girl to him. But the actress would get upset and start crying when she heard such comments, and insist that was not an option and she wouldn’t leave Angelina behind.

Alyssa explained that she considered the time spent with her daughter priceless, so she was determined to gain custody of Angelina. “But as a family we all get along well, and there’s lots of love in it,” she explained.

The actress added she bore no ill will towards her former spouse, and that Angelina was the love of her life — the girl would stick up for Alyssa even when the latter argued with her mother.

Alyssa married Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai, 33, last year before she gave birth to their first child, a girl nicknamed “Bu Bu,” in August.

The infant makes frequent appearances in her mother’s social media updates and is a celeb in her own right, while her big sister’s face is always obscured with stickers or not shown at all. This led netizens to suspect that Alyssa favoured one daughter over the other, but the actress explained she had an agreement with her former spouse never to reveal Angelina’s face in public.

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