Alyssa Chia is now seven months pregnant

Xiu Jie Kai was photographed touching Alyssa Chia’s baby bulge affectionately at a meet-up with a friend on Sunday

Alyssa Chia is now seven months pregnant

Taiwanese host-actress Alyssa Chia (also known as Niu Niu) and actor boyfriend Xiu Jie Kai went out for a meal with a friend on Sunday and the seven months pregnant mother showcased her large bump in photographs.

In one of the photos, both Jie Kai and Alyssa placed their hands on her baby bump and the 40-year-old mother affectionately rested her hand on top of Jie Kai’s, displaying their loving relationship.

The happy pair announced their relationship last October and shared that Alyssa was already five months pregnant in May this year.

Although they have not had a wedding yet, the two cannot wait to have their new baby, whom they’ve affectionately nicknamed “Bubu”.

Netizens left comments such as, “Only two more months till Princess Bubu is born”, “You have such a nice figure, how can you be pregnant?” and “All that’s left is for them to be officially husband and wife”.

The two originally planned to have their wedding next month, but in light of 32-year-old Jie Kai’s enlistment at the end of the year and Alyssa’s pregnancy, they are reportedly considering the option of waiting for Jie Kai to complete his military service and for Alyssa to give birth to their second child before tying the knot. 

Alyssa is now on pregnancy leave to focus on the pregnancy.

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