Alyssa Chia: My daughter is more popular than me

The actress is open to acting or endorsement offers for Bubu


Alyssa Chia attended a charity event yesterday, where she revealed details about the everyday lives of the family of four.

The 41-year-old and her daughter, Bubu are currently filming for the Chinese reality show, Super Mom, together with her husband, Xiu Jie Kai. Despite having appeared on the show for less than a month, Bubu’s cuteness has already captivated the audience, with Alyssa commenting that her daughter’s popularity eclipses hers.

Despite filming for 24 hours straight for each episode, Bubu is not afraid of the camera at all. Alyssa also revealed that even the cameraman praised Bubu, saying that she “always looks at the camera.” The actress also joked that the reason why Bubu always seems to be looking at the camera might not be because she’s not camera-shy, but because her eyes are so big, it always looks like she’s looking straight into the camera.

8-month-old Bubu is also very popular amongst the public, Alyssa said. The actress added that whenever she goes to buy groceries, she’ll get asked, “Bubu didn’t come with you?”

When asked if she’ll let Bubu be an endorsement model or child actress, since her public recognition is high, Alyssa replied, “She’s not even 1 yet, though she does look very cute. If there’s a suitable opportunity, I’ll let her try it out.”


As Alyssa has an elder daughter, Angelina, with her first husband, she was also asked if the 10-year-old was jealous over Bubu, with the actress replying that because of the huge age difference, the two don’t fight at all. She also divulged that Angelina often proudly proclaims in class that her younger sister is Bubu, and that she will play with Bubu once she gets home from school, as her method of de-stressing.

Alyssa also showed her love for her husband, revealing that Jie Kai is the one who gives in most of the time whenever they argue.

The actress also jokingly complained that the 33-year-old had called her fat earlier before she left the house, but still ended things on a sweet note by saying, “He has a lot of plans for his life, I also need someone beside me to pull me, or I’ll be just like a kite [drifting aimlessly].”

Photos: PBE Media

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