Alyssa Chia praises Xiu Jie Kai’s five outstanding qualities

Actor celebrates 33rd birthday with wife, family


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai turned 33 yesterday, and his wife, actress Alyssa Chia, 41, posted six photos on Facebook and a long message to her husband.

“Since we became a family, you’ve tried your best at playing your part, you’re a good husband, father, uncle, son-in-law and son,” Alyssa wrote.

“You work so hard to give us a better life, but I want to tell you, we’re already quite well-off! Because we have what money can’t buy: happiness and contentment.”


Their daughter, 8-month-old “Bu Bu,” appeared in the photos, as did Angelina, Alyssa’s 10-year-old daughter from her first marriage, and the family dog.

The couple had dinner by themselves last night at an upscale restaurant in Taipei’s Xinyi district.

According to Jie Kai, his 33rd birthday was like any other, except this is the first time he’s celebrating the occasion with his wife and children.

Alyssa and Jie Kai registered their marriage last year.

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