Alyssa Chia recalls her late father

Alyssa Chia shared a photograph of her large baby bump on Weibo

Alyssa Chia recalls her late father

After the recent Typhoon Soudelor that pounded Taiwan with wind and rain that killed over 20 people, Taiwanese actress-host Alyssa Chia was reminded of her late father who passed away nearly 20 years ago during the year that Typhoon Herb struck Taiwan in 1996.

The 40-year-old posted, “My father saved our whole family from drowning… and he passed away of an illness at the end of that same year.”

Alyssa also revealed that she often tells her daughter from her first marriage to Sun Zihao, Angelina Sun, that “if [her] grandfather was here, he would definitely spoil [her]”.

At the end of her post, she wrote to her father: “Dad~ How are you? I’m good. I miss you.”

The mother-to-be, who is due to pop at the end of the month, posted a photograph showing the silhouette of her eight-months-pregnant baby bump on Weibo on Saturday. 

However, she deleted her post quickly after, leaving netizens speculating that it had simply been a slip of her finger.

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