Alyssa Chia reveals ultrasound photos of her baby

Alyssa Chia’s unborn daughter’s features can be clearly seen in the photos, showing that she has her mother’s nose

Alyssa Chia reveals ultrasound photos of her baby

Following her recent bare-faced selfie showing off her six-month baby bump, Taiwanese actress-host Alyssa Chia has shared a 4D coloured ultrasound image of her baby.

In the image, the baby’s facial features are clearly visible and netizens compared and commented about how Alyssa and her daughter shared similar facial features, saying that “she looks beautiful like her mother”.

They observed that the mother and daughter have similar noses and even pointed out the fact that her baby’s “duck face” expression resembles her mother. Some netizens added that the baby’s lips also resembled that of her father.

Alyssa Chia reveals ultrasound photos of her baby

This year, Jie Kai will be enlisting in the army and expressed that he is not worried about Alyssa taking care of the baby. The actor, who is eight years younger than Alyssa, added, “I hope that my child will still remember her father.”

Alyssa is currently pregnant with a daughter and has stopped working to prepare for the baby’s arrival. The couple revealed last month that they will be expecting their new baby girl nicknamed “Bu Bu” to be born this coming September.

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