Alyssa Chia’s daughter crowned “Youngest Internet Celebrity”

The actress’ family captivates audience in reality show preview


Alyssa Chia and her family are cast members of MangoTV’s latest reality show, Super Mom, and in the preview trailer broadcasted this week, Bubu’s father, actor Xiu Jie Kai was shown hugging Bubu as Alyssa remarked, “With her [Bubu] around, it really feels like a family”.

Bubu’s looks and her family’s actions in the trailer captivated the attention of netizens, who crowned the 1-year-old the “Youngest Internet Celebrity”.

For Alyssa, this is the first time she filmed for close to 24 hours straight. The actress even applied some light makeup at the start, but as time passed, she eventually appeared with no makeup and sweats.


Alyssa’s good friend, actress Gao Yuanyuan also dropped by to visit, and the two brought Bubu out to play. After that, Yuanyuan shared pictures of their outing, with the caption, “My darling Bubu has grown bigger again. Now, your birth mum and godmum really can’t win your big eyes.”

It was also revealed that Alyssa decided to join the cast of Super Mom after deliberating for one month, as she had some misgivings about joining the show. While the appearance fees and rewards from the show are vast, Alyssa did not want to rely on others to bring up Bubu.

In the end, Alyssa decided to go on the programme as she wanted to show the world how tough it is to be a mum. Additionally, the show did not require her to leave the house often, which gave Alyssa a sense of security.

Photos: PBE Media

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