Alyssa Chia’s wedding to take place after Xiu Jie Kai ends military service

Actress doesn’t rule out having a third child

Alyssa Chia

Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia, 41, said that the wedding to her husband, actor Xiu Jie Kai, 32, will only take place after he ends his mandatory military service, though the couple have already registered their marriage.

And when asked whether she planned to have a third child, she said, “To ask someone who’s just given birth, isn’t this question a little ….” But she went on: “If it’s an accident, I won’t rule out (having a third baby).”

Alyssa gave birth to her second daughter, nicknamed “Bu Bu,” in August.

Speaking as the ambassador at a children’s health promotion event yesterday, Alyssa said that she was a picky eater when she was young, with a particular aversion to colourful vegetables. “I would have been much taller and smarter,” she said regretfully of her diet choices.

Xiu Jie Kai is due to enlist for military service early next year.

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