Alyssa Chia shares adorable photo of newborn

Mother and daughter hold identical poses, winning over fans online

Xiu Jie Kai, Alyssa Chia

Second-time mum Alyssa Chia posted a photo on Weibo yesterday that showed she and her newborn daughter, nicknamed “Bu Bu,” are not morning people.

The Taiwanese actress added a caption in the voice of her infant daughter: “Don’t take any photos! Mummy and I haven’t dolled ourselves up this morning, how dare you sneak photos?”

Alyssa and her husband, actor Xiu Jie Kai, welcomed their daughter, “Bu Bu,” on August 14.

Having completed her one-month confinement, the actress is enjoying spending quality time with Jie Kai, and the two recently attended Big Bang’s concert at the Taipei Arena.

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