Alyssa Chia shows off her growing baby bump

Alyssa Chia posted a bare-faced selfie featuring a more pronounced baby bump

Alyssa Chia shows off her growing baby bump

Currently on a long pregnancy leave, Taiwanese actress-host Alyssa Chia took to Weibo yesterday to post a picture displaying her six-month pregnant belly for the first time.

Netizens called her a “natural beauty” and added that she looks “very beautiful” in the photo where she dons a halter top with her hair tied up, showing her evidently bulging belly. One even commented that 40-year-old Alyssa should “eat more meat” because “pregnant women shouldn’t be that slim”.

The “Queen of drama” also posted about how she suffered a mild scare - caused by her dog - when her room door swung open suddenly, even though no one was at home. “It turned out to be my pet dog, Miu Miu, who was calling out for me,” she wrote.

Alyssa and her actor boyfriend Xiu Jie Kai shared news of her second pregnancy on social media last month. The actress was said to be five months pregnant in the photo and, according to a representative, the couple is expecting a baby girl who is due to arrive in September.

Alyssa has one daughter, Angelina Sun, from her first marriage to Sun Zihao.

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