Alyssa Chia throws an army-themed party for Xiu Jie Kai

Actor to report for military service


Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai, 33, is finally reporting for his mandatory military service, after putting it off repeatedly.

His wife, actress Alyssa Chia, 41, organised an army-themed send-off party for him, and she and party attendees took turns shaving Jie Kai’s hair to wish him well.

Alyssa posted photos of the event on her Facebook page. “Daddy Xiu, be good and do what you must! We will be by your side,” she wrote.


Through his manager, Jie Kai said he would miss his family and his 9-month-old daughter with Alyssa, nicknamed “Bu Bu.”

According to Taiwanese media, Jie Kai’s military service arrangement will permit him to return home every day. The actor will start with a month-long training at the Cheng Gong Ling training centre in Taichung.

Jie Kai has been preparing to enter military service for some time, so he has fulfilled his acting and advertising obligations.

The couple married last year and “Bu Bu” was born in August.


Photos: PBE Media

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