Alyssa Chia worries about being “overweight”

Xiu Jie Kai posted a photo of Alyssa Chia with a large breakfast spread in front of her

Alyssa Chia worries about being “overweight”

Taiwanese actress-host Alyssa Chia, who is expecting her second child in September, is constantly being pampered by her soon-to-be husband Xiu Jie Kai. The couple are being adorable on Weibo as usual, as Jie Kai posted a photo of Alyssa enjoying a large breakfast spread including jam and bread, ham sandwiches, assorted fruits and a smoothie.

The 32-year-old repeated three times in his caption: “Breakfast is very important!” and joked that his cooking skills are “irreplaceable”.

Shortly after, Alyssa forwarded his post with the caption, “If you keep feeding us every day, I’m going to be overweight!”

Netizens began to leave comments such as “You’re not fat at all! You’re so lucky” and complimented the “enticing breakfast” Jie Kai prepared.

Jie Kai also shared that he is willing to go into the hospital room to be by Alyssa’s side when she is giving birth to their newest addition to the family whom they’ve nicknamed “Bu Bu”.

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