Amber An feels pity for Gaga’s suspension from work

Magic Power vocalist Gaga’s destroyed reputation may cause him to face the consequences of dropping from the band

Amber An feels pity for Gaga’s suspension from work
According to Taiwan media reports, the past relationship between Magic Power’s Gaga and Taiwanese model Amber An resurfaced when a video of the vocalist flirting with Amber, and then lifting her skirt to reveal her underwear on stage, was leaked to the public.

As a result, Gaga’s public image was destroyed, and he was also reported to be a playboy in relationships.  

When asked if there were more private videos to be leaked, Gaga only replied in short, “Hope this ends now.” However, his management company stated that Gaga might have to face the consequences of leaving the band if more distasteful videos are leaked in the future.

At a New Zealand Natural ice cream endorsement event yesterday, Amber An expressed her sympathy for Gaga, who is reportedly suspended from work entirely for the next half a year.

The 29-year-old model, who broke down in tears when the video was leaked, gave her generous response, “I understand the hard journey that one has to go through in pursuing his great dream. It’s a pity that the person’s hard work was denied just because of that incident.”

Once bitten, twice shy, Amber replied that she would only announce her future relationship to the public if “I meet my Mr. Right.”

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