Amber An talks about Gaga exposing her underwear

Amber An attended an event yesterday and spoke about Magic Power’s Gaga for the first time

Amber An talks about Gaga exposing her underwear

Taiwanese model Amber An made headlines recently when a video of Magic Power’s vocalist Gaga flirting with her and then lifting her skirt on stage to reveal her underwear went viral on the Internet.

Gaga immediately issued an apology and all of the members of MP even bowed in a row as a group apology to the starlet, but Amber was still in a lot of distress and kept on crying, refusing to appear in front of cameras.

Amber An talks about Gaga exposing her underwear

Gaga and Amber used to date in April last year but in August, Gaga was exposed to have lied to Amber (who unknowingly became a fourth party) that he was single when they were dating and she immediately broke off with him.

A photo from when the pair were dating resurfaced on the Internet earlier this month and Amber had only responded through a representative that she has not been in contact with Gaga for half a year.

Amber An talks about Gaga exposing her underwear

At the RADO Switzerland watch brand’s promotional event yesterday, Amber thanked everyone for their concern and emphasised that her friends, crew and her mother all helped her stay positive throughout this period.

The actress-singer teared up when a reporter asked her about the video of her and Gaga, to which she replied, “Thank you for your concern.” She continued to ask that the reporters give her more space and respect her privacy, hoping that this episode will end soon.

When asked if she has forgiven Gaga, she did not explicitly state that she will forgive him, but merely said that she has not been contacting him for a long time and believes that he did not intend for this to happen. Amber also expressed that she hopes no one else will get hurt.

She also said that it is not right to share such videos and photos, adding, “In life, there will be many happy moments. We must always keep looking forward… I will not let this incident result in me having trust issues with others.”

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