Amber Kuo hopes to reunite with Tony Yang

Amber Kuo and Tony Yang appeared at the same event yesterday and revealed that there is hope of a reunion

Amber Kuo hopes to get back together with Tony Yang

Ex-lovers Tony Yang, 32, and Amber Kuo, 29, stood apart at the  the Taipei preview screening of Where The Wind Settles yesterday. 

At the event, their first since the split, the Taiwanese actor and Mandopop singer-actress avoided eye contact and referred to each other as “Miss Kuo” and “Mr Yang”. 

“I have read many messages from my fans," Tony said, in response to sentiments about a possible reunion. "Thank you everyone. I have been doing well and I still care about Miss Kuo.”

Amber added that she wants to “just go with the flow”, and when asked if there is hope of a reunion, she said, “I hope so.”

Later, Amber revealed that they are no longer friends and said that love is very important to her. She also said, “If I should fall in love again at this age, I hope to get married this time.”

It has been over 130 days since the two split in March, but after their collaboration in David Loman 2, the two supposedly began to rekindle their feelings.

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