Andy Lau is just a regular dad

Heavenly King drops off his daughter at school and supervises her schoolwork

Andy Lau

He may be one of the biggest names in entertainment in this part of the world, but Hong Kong singer and actor Andy Lau is just a regular parent when it comes to looking after his only child, 3-year-old Hanna.

At a recent cocktail party, the 54-year-old celebrity dad shared that because he isn’t working on any projects at the moment, he has been personally dropping off Hanna at school.

“It’s been OK,” he said, when asked about the experience of taking care of Hanna. Andy is even in charge of supervising his daughter’s studies and schoolwork. “This is how a regular family functions,” he said.

Having recently completed promotional engagements for his new movie, the action thriller Saving Mr. Wu, the actor said he won’t be starting work again until December. Asked whether that meant he had more time to spend with his family, he said, “I often get to enjoy time spent with my family, don’t worry.”

He added that his family can’t find the time to travel or go for outings, because Hanna has to attend school.

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