Andy Lau is strict with his daughter

Andy Lau will not allow his daughter to develop a “princess” attitude 

Andy Lau is strict with his daughter

Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau’s 3-year-old daughter Hanna Lau is slated to start kindergarten in September later this year and the little girl is all set and ready to go, having taken her first passport photo earlier this year.

The 53-year-old Cantopop singer initially planned to take his daughter, whom he had with Malaysian wife Carol Chu, to a kindergarten in Malaysia before sending her to primary school in Singapore. However, he ended up selecting a school in Hong Kong as he couldn’t bear to leave her.

Although he dotes on Hanna very much, he said that he does not want her to become spoiled or too reliant on other people to serve her. He personally visited multiple kindergartens in Hong Kong to understand the environment and teaching styles before carefully selecting the most suitable school for his child – Good Hope School. Andy hopes that she will develop good character and enjoy her childhood as well in that envrionment. 

The “Heavenly King” of Hong Kong previously mentioned that he planned to send his 3-year-old to a regular kindergarten, refusing to allow his daughter to develop a “princess” attitude.

Thus, Andy decided not to enter her into elite boarding schools or give her an overseas education because he thinks it will cause her to develop a proud attitude.

As for his own parenting, he said that he will be teaching her how to tie her shoelaces and wear her shoes on her own. Hannah is not allowed to watch television nor use the computer and needs to be in bed by 9 pm. She also sings nursery rhymes to her father every day.

He has also stopped work activities for the year to make make time for his daughter when she begins school. 

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