Andy Lau reveals secret to his youthful looks

The Heavenly King posts a picture of his old classmates on Weibo

andy lau

Andy Lau recently posted a group picture together with his old classmates on Weibo, attracting the attention of netizens, who commented that the singer-actor’s looks belies his real age.

In the picture, Andy, who is dressed in a black shirt and blue jeans with his fringe styled up, looked visibly younger than his peers. Despite having debuted for over 30 years, the 54-year-old’s skin and figure is pretty much the same.

Andy also shared his fond feelings in the caption, writing, “Female classmates, male classmates, female and male classmates! The days of their youth are the days of my youth! I grew up together with them, and I want to grow old together with them.”

The singer-actor previously revealed the secret to his youth, divulging that he ensures that he doesn’t eat till he's too full, and that he controls his intake of sugary foods and consumes 10-grain rice instead of white rice. He also emphasised that rice “is a must” to eat.

Photos: PBE Media

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