Andy Lau’s 3-year-old suffers stage fright at fan-meet

The Hong Kong Heavenly King kept his promise of bringing his wife and daughter to a meet-and-greet with fans

Andy Lau’s 3-year-old suffers stage fright at fan-meet

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Hong Kong multi hyphenate Andy Lau made a promise last year that when his daughter turned 3, he would “let everyone see her”. A year later, with Hanna Lau turning 3, Andy kept his word and brought his beauty queen wife Carol Chu and daughter to a fan meet-and-greet last Saturday at Andy World Club’s 27th anniversary dinner.

Thousands of fans were present at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre and all of them needed to register their ID cards as well as go through a bag check to remove all video recording devices. Even their phones were not allowed to be used for safety purposes.

When the 53-year-old Cantopop singer-songwriter performed ‘Darling’, pictures of their loving family of three flashed across a big screen and the fans screamed louder when he introduced Carol and Hanna to them as his “two darlings”.

However, after half a minute of waiting, Hanna and Carol were still a no-show. As it was Hanna’s first major appearance in public, she had a case of stage fright and did not dare to come out.

Andy ended up going over to the side to pacify her, carrying his beloved daughter as he walked out hand in hand with his wife.

When the trio gathered to take a family photo together, Andy spent a lot of effort trying to get his 3-year-old to look at the camera and said, “Done! They need to leave now, I don’t want to scare my baby!”

Although Hanna was shy throughout her appearance, often leaning on her father’s chest, fans were extremely excited and happy to see their idol so happy.

In other news, Andy wants his daughter to assimilate well into schooling life and plans to stop working completely in the latter half of the year to concentrate on looking after her.

An insider revealed that they prefer traditional schools instead of international schools and have already selected a Kindergarten for Hanna.

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