Andy Lau’s daughter attends his 54th birthday party

Singer promised to introduce her to fans when she turns 3

Andy Lau1

Andy Lau celebrated his 54th birthday on Saturday (Sep 19) in the presence of his fans, and the Hong Kong singer–actor brought along his daughter, Hanna, his wife, Carol Chu, and his parents to the party.

In fulfilling a promise to his fans that he would introduce his daughter to them when she turned 3, Andy has been taking the child to many other public events this year, when he used to be highly protective of her.

Andy Lau

While singing on stage, Andy unexpectedly walked towards the audience to look for his daughter, whom he carried onstage, accompanied by Carol.

Hanna, in a white dress, seemed shy about appearing before so many people, and spent the bulk of the event leaning against Andy’s shoulder.

The singer turns 54 on Sunday, but celebrated his birthday ahead of time because he's busy promoting a new movie.

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