Andy Lau’s efforts to have a second child revealed

The couple sought help from both Western and Chinese doctors


Photos: PBE Media

If the rumours are true, Andy Lau is set to welcome his second child in five months’ time as his wife Carol Chu, is reportedly four months pregnant with a baby boy.

The couple, who have been married for eight years, have a four-year-old daughter, Hanna Lau, who was conceived after many years of trying. It was reported that they have been seeking various treatments and methods to have a second child.

Apart from visiting acclaimed gynaecologist Dr William So and undergoing artificial insemination (IVF), the couple also sought help from renowned traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner, Chen Tai, who has been consulted by many celebrities.

According to reports, Andy and Carol have been going for moxibustion, a traditional Chinese heat therapy, even before the birth of their daughter, Hanna. The 54-year-old singer uses it to treat his hip, while his wife uses it to help regulate her body and increase her chances of getting pregnant.

The pair stopped going for moxibustion when Carol was pregnant with Hanna, and only started seeking treatment again last year.


The family of 3 also returned to Malaysia recently, reportedly to give thanks for their second pregnancy.

Carol has been photographed with an apparent baby bump, and wears loose clothing and a mask to prevent infections. The 50-year-old also has assistants and bodyguards watching over her to prevent any mishaps that might happen.

To ease the strain on Carol, Andy now sends Hanna to school personally and is said to be temporarily stopping all work commitments after he finishes his current project, to fully focus on taking care of his pregnant wife.

When asked to comment on the pregnancy news, the singer would only say, “Thank you for your concern.”

His management company also replied, “No comments, thank you for your concern,” which was the same reply they had given the media when Carol was pregnant with Hanna.

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