Andy Lau speaks out about his recovery process

The 55-year-old also revealed that he had difficulty using the bathroom or showering


Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau suffered injuries early this year when he fell off a horse while filming a commercial in Thailand, leaving him with an injured spine as well as a fracture at his pelvic bone. He spent the past half a year focusing on recovery but has now officially returned back to work and is currently promoting his action movie, The Adventurers.

The actor made an appearance at the movie’s premiere in Hong Kong yesterday and looked back to the days he spent recuperating and revealed that he had to re-learn even some of the most basic skills.

Andy mentioned how he had to take extra precautions when sitting down as his ischial tuberosity (also known informally as the sit bones) were still healing, after he suffered a fracture to his lumbar (his L5 and L6 bones were left broken and these required one to two years to be fully healed).

He is currently undergoing physical therapy and doing constant exercises on the thread mill and squats. He admitted that his road to recovery had not been easy and he initially had trouble with even the simplest things such as using the bathroom or showering which was made harder as help was limited in his all-female household.

Although Andy is almost fully recovered, doctors are still discouraging the actor from going out to events that had a large crowd for fear of him being pushed or accidentally shoved, aggravating his wounds. However, he assured the public that he was already 90 percent recovered and could even do more strenuous exercises.

Despite being out of showbiz for almost half a year, many big movie production companies reached out to Andy immediately upon learning about his recovery. However, Andy had to give these opportunities up as they were mostly action movies with a lot of physical work and instead chose to star in a romance film produced by his own company.

The 55-year-old made a full return to work in August and his schedule is packed with publicity events in Taipei and Hong Kong. Andy was previously forced to cancel his 20 year end concerts, including the one in Hong Kong this year due to his injuries but hopes to hold another concert either this year or next year.

The Adventurers is directed by Stephen Fung and also features Taiwanese actress Shu Qi.

The Adventurers opens in cinemas Aug 31.

Photo: PBE Media

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