Andy Lau would wake at 3am to make daughter’s breakfast

Actor places his only child above all else


Hong Kong actor and singer Andy Lau, 54, loves his daughter so much that he would wake up at 3am to cook her breakfast and take her to school at 5am, revealed actor Chow Yun Fat during a recent press conference for their latest movie From Vegas to Macau III.

The Heavenly King is known for being protective of his 3-year-old daughter, Hanna. After she was born in 2012, he bought and renovated a luxury residence in Hong Kong, installed security cameras on the premises, added a steel fence along the perimeter and placed 14 air purifiers around the house.

During a family trip to Japan late last year, Andy’s group took up nearly half a restaurant. And when the actor played with Hanna outside the establishment, bodyguards and hired photographers stayed with them the whole time.

Andy married his long-time girlfriend, Carol Chu, in 2008.

From Vegas to Macau III opens in Singapore this Friday.

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