Angel Han reportedly initiated divorce from Tony Sun

Actor’s former manager reveals how the split came about

Angel Han, Tony Sun 1

Sun De Rong, the former manager of boyband 5566, revealed that it was Taiwanese actress Angel Han, 35, who initiated the divorce from her husband of four years, Tony Sun, 37, an actor and the leader of the band.

The couple unexpectedly announced their divorce in early October.

De Rong said that Tony longed for a family, and that Angel was the one who suggested a divorce. And when De Rong tried convincing her to reconsider, she reportedly said, “A Sagittarius never takes back what she says or does.”

Angel Han, Tony Sun 2

Angel has been posting a series of positive posts on Facebook of late, but according to sources close to her, the actress is trying to appear brave to keep her fans from worrying. And Angel’s cousin is staying by her side because she’s actually in low spirits.

On Saturday the actress uploaded a selfie with the caption, “Got my hair trimmed again, with a slight perm, and getting ready to welcome my birthday. A wonderful birthday present, I’m touched, thank you. I will treasure it.”

The actress turns 36 on December 9.

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