Angela Chang to fans: I don’t want your sympathy

Angela Chang’s fans accused the singer’s former BFF Christine Fan for throwing a pity party 

Angela Chang to fans: I don’t want your sympathy

Taiwanese actress-singer Christine Fan made an appearance on Here Comes Kangxi! and shared that she had to wear a wig due to severe hair loss during the course of her pregnancy.

Fellow actress-singer Angela Chang’s fans then accused the mother of twins of “acting weak” and “seeking the pity of others”, sparking an online war between the fan bases and bringing up Christine’s rumoured tiff with Angela five years ago which Angela denied to be true, saying in a past interview that she and Christine “have not kept in contact”.

Gossip blogger by the name of Chang Tu Hu Bin added to the debate, “The two were once good friends, but now they’re fighting… Christine didn’t even invite Angela to her wedding.”

Protective husband Blackie Chen defended his wife, “From what Christine regularly shares on Weibo, I’m sure you all can understand how we really treat our friends, family and people in our lives.”

“People are spreading fabricated rumours and attacking Fan Fan, and I cannot accept that… Can people please begin spreading positivity instead of hate?”

In response to a netizen who still accused Christine of scolding Angela on Blackie’s post, Blackie replied, “I sincerely mean it when I say that she has never scolded her!”

Angela Chang to fans: I don’t want your sympathy

While she did not directly address the topic, Angela’s Weibo post yesterday was suspected to be about the disputes. “When I face unbearable situations in life, I would cry and not know what to do. How can it be resolved anyway?”

“I just don’t want your sympathy, so I would rather control my tears and just face it. However, we should always put unhappy memories behind us and seize each new day because yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery,” she continued.

Christine and Angela were once from the same record company, Linfair Records, but Angela left after contractual disputes. Eventually, the two grew apart and their friendship faded with time.

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