Angelababy advised to have face examined to prove she’s 'natural'

‘The courts are being busybodies,’ netizens complain


The presiding judge at Beijing’s Chaoyang District People's Court and lawyers for Angelababy have both advised the Hong Kong-based model to undergo examinations to answer allegations of plastic surgery, Chinese media reports.

Both parties recommended that reputable medical organisations examine Angelababy’s face to determine whether she has had any enhancement procedures done.

Newly married to Chinese leading man Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy, 26, has been plagued by cosmetic surgery rumours since her debut.

Even though for years she has insisted that her German–Chinese ancestry was responsible for her good looks and that braces for her teeth were all she had ever gotten, the naysayers won’t buy it.

When the news broke, netizens complained that the courts had too much free time on their hands and were more concerned about celebrities’ looks than tackling corruption in the civil service. “Even if the courts are that idle, they’re being busybodies in this,” one wrote online.

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