Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming stay strong by teasing

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming find it easier to keep their feelings alive by poking fun at the other

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming stay strong by teasing

An item for six years now and planning to get married this year, Angelababy and her husband-to-be Huang Xiaoming have always kept their love life open to the public. When asked how they have managed to keep their romance alive after so many years, the 26-year-old Angela revealed that it wasn’t all rosy for the couple.

She admitted, “In the past, you could say that we both had to work to keep the flame burning. Now, the two of us are very comfortable with each other and get along very well. We also have common topics to talk about. I think that we mutually admire and inspire each other to grow.”

In addition, she let on that the couple enjoys poking fun at each other. As Xiaoming is 12 years older than Angelababy, the latter often teased that their fans are from two different generations.

“He always acts like he is the pitiful one, but in reality, he has a very important role at home. He is pretty possessive too. He would say: ‘If you are my woman, you swipe my [credit] card’,” giggled Angelababy.

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