Angelababy celebrates Huang Xiaoming’s birthday with him

The Chinese model flew to the States to join her beau and celebrate his birthday

黄晓明4蛋糕庆37岁 Angelababy赴美会郎

Ever the sweet girlfriend, Chinese actress-model Angelababy flew to the States yesterday where her actor beau Huang Xiaoming is to celebrate his 37th birthday.

Though the couple is known for their big romantic gestures for one another, Angelababy decided not to go the extravagant route this time and donated a sum of money to charity in his name as a birthday gift.

According to media reports, Xiaoming has been filming a movie in the States for just over a month but Angelababy has already visited him thrice, so all the more she has to be present on his birthday. Xiaoming had planned to keep his birthday low key but his friends threw him a surprise party and even got him four cakes of different flavours.

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy go on a helicopter date

黄晓明4蛋糕庆37岁 Angelababy赴美会郎

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