Angelababy declared all-natural

Netizens now accuse model of bribing doctors

Angelababy 1

Haters gonna hate. Even after a detailed medical examination ruled that Angelababy “has not undergone surgery before,” online naysayers still doubt the Hong Kong–based model is a natural beauty, saying doctors in China can be bought over.

“You never know if this rotten hospital was purchased by Huang Xiaoming,” “When you’re rich you can bribe anyone,” “Repeat the examination in Hong Kong and then I’ll believe you,” some wrote. Angelababy married Xiaoming last week.

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Angelababy went in for a detailed medical review yesterday morning at Beijing’s Plastic Surgery Hospital (Institute) to prove she’s all-natural, on the advice of the presiding judge at Beijing’s Chaoyang District People's Court and her own lawyers.

The head of the institute said that Angelababy’s face “bore no incisions or implants” and issued a report of the review to be submitted as legal evidence. Court officials were present throughout the consultation to ensure Angelababy went through all the tests.

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On being accused of taking bribes, doctors at the institute said, “We don’t know (Angelababy) well, and judges, officials and media were all close by, it would have been impossible to accept any bribes.”

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