Angelababy denies break up with Huang Xiaoming

An imposter of Angelababy claimed that the celebrity couple had broken up after being separated for a long time due to work

Angelababy denies break up with Huang Xiaoming

Netizens fell for the trick of an impersonator of Chinese actress Angelababy who recently claimed that she and Huang Xiaoming have broken up.

Yesterday, the imposter published an article using a WeChat account that was thought to be Angelababy’s official account. The post claimed that the couple had ended their five-year relationship as they are too busy with their career and have no time for each other.

It also mentioned that “no single party to blame that (we are) no longer together” and Angelebaby reportedly wrote, “When we are both not tied down by our work in future and if you are still unattached, then, I would marry you.”

Netizens were shocked by the rumour as the couple is known for their strong relationship and would often express their affection for each other over Weibo. Moreover, Xiaoming gave his promise recently that he would marry Angelababy by the end of this year.

After the post had circulated like wild fire online, a netizen with a verified account pointed out that the WeChat account that was used to publish the article is a fake account and the supposed break up is a hoax.

On the other hand, a popular Weibo user claimed that the pair had already registered their marriage while another netizen added that the couple is currently in the midst of planning their wedding ceremony, which is slated to take place this year.

Angelababy also shot down the rumours yesterday through Weibo. “Stop making a ruckus and please follow my official WeChat account,” she wrote.

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