Angelababy denies she’s pregnant

Actress seen holding a paper cup, leading to rumours she was abstaining from alcohol


Chinese actress and model Angelababy, 26, has denied she’s expecting.

Fans thought she was pregnant after a family photo of her at husband Huang Xiaoming’s reunion dinner showed her holding up a paper cup while everyone else held wine glasses.

Angelababy’s representative said yesterday that the actress doesn’t consume alcohol and added, “She’s still filming Hurry Up, Brother (the Chinese remake of South Korea’s Running Man), so how can she get pregnant?”


Angelababy’s management agency, however, declined to say for certain whether she was expecting. But staff said Xiaoming’s family hope the couple will have children soon, and that any good news will be announced to all.

Angelababy married Xiaoming on October 8. The 38-year-old actor once said his mother was eager to have grandchildren and encouraged them to produce half a dozen for her.

Angelababy wants children in the Year of the Monkey  

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