Angelababy falls ill a day before her wedding?

The couple is slated to walk down the aisle tomorrow at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre

Angelababy falls ill a day before her wedding?

It’s a day before what is touted to be the wedding of the century, with Chinese A-lister Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy slated to walk down the aisle tomorrow (October 8).

The pair touched down in Beijing yesterday and hurriedly made their way out of the airport. The couple donned matching black casual outfits and Angelababy kept her chin down while hiding her face with her flowing locks.

Reports have suggested that Angelababy has fallen ill while preparing for her nuptials, with Xiaoming seemingly taking extra care of his bride-to-be after touching down. She was spotted clinging on to his arm tightly, with Xiaoming supporting and speaking to her on their way to their transport.

Angelababy falls ill a day before her wedding?

The wedding, which is said to be taking place at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, has been in a flurry of activity since 3pm yesterday, with staff carrying passes with the lovebirds’ initials “ah” (a for Angelababy, h for Huang Xiaoming) bustling about the central hall. The event is said to be kept closely guarded and all possible entry points will be guarded by the team.

While preparations are in full-swing, it is understood that there has yet to be any rehearsals for the big day as of yesterday. In addition, with the couple said to have flown in to Beijing in order to take care of urgent matters before making their way to Shanghai, it seems that rehearsals are likely able to be held today.

Xiaoming’s parents were spotted arriving in Shanghai yesterday, with the broad smiles on their faces a clear sign of their excitement for the wedding. 

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