Angelababy gets face examined for cosmetic enhancement

‘Everyone’s welcome to witness the process,’ model says

Angelababy 1

Just a day after Angelababy was advised to get medical experts to examine her face, the Hong Kong–based model headed to Beijing’s Plastic Surgery Hospital (Institute) this morning for a detailed consultation.

The head of the institute examined Angelababy’s forehead, eyelids, lips, chin, cheeks, nose, eyes, ears for any signs of surgical procedures. Angelababy even got her skull scanned to check for incisions or bone-shaving done.

Angelababy 2

The presiding judge at Beijing’s Chaoyang District People's Court and lawyers for Angelababy had both recommended that she undergo examinations to answer allegations of plastic surgery.

Angelababy responded yesterday: “Indeed, my lawyers advised me to get checked at a hospital as proof. I know I’m innocent and I’m prepared for the review, so examine my face all you want.”

She even made public the entire consultation process. “Everyone’s welcome to witness it,” the model said.

The new wife of Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming could never shake off suspicions of having gone under the knife, even though she has released childhood photos and repeatedly attributed her looks to her part-German ancestry.

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