Angelababy goes back to work 3 days after ‘wedding of the century’

Newlyweds forego honeymoon for now

Angelababy 1

Just three days after she married top Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming in Shanghai on October 8, model and actress Angelababy is back at work.

She showed up in Xi’an, China, yesterday with Ruby Lin, Wong Cho Lam and Li Chen to begin filming the third season of Hurry Up, Brother, the Chinese remake of hit South Korean variety show Running Man

Despite going back to work so soon after her wedding, with no honeymoon in between, Angelababy appeared to be in good spirits.

Angelababy 3

The couple and their Shanghai wedding became the top trending topic on Weibo on Thursday, with the highest number of follows, mentions and reposts.

But some commentators criticised Xiaoming and Angelababy’s “wedding of the century” for having so many sponsors that it became too commercialised and marketing-oriented.

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