Angelababy joins Huang Xiaoming’s family for reunion dinner

Actors in his hometown of Qingdao to celebrate the holidays


Chinese actors and newlyweds Huang Xiaoming, 38, and Angelababy, 26, headed to Qingdao, China, to join his family for their reunion dinner.

Xiaoming posted an update on his Weibo page on Sunday night: “Ordinarily it’s difficult to find the time to be with my granny and I feel guilty about it, so over Chinese New Year, even if it’s a break of only a day or two, I have to come back to be with my family. Has everyone taken a family photo today?”

The actor included a photo of his family, including Angelababy, at their reunion dinner.

Angelababy and Xiaoming married last October. The couple were recently seen in Qingdao signing autographs in their car for fans and holding hands as they walked about in the city.


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