Angelababy photographed in a wedding dress

Angelababy was spotted in Paris on a supposed wedding photoshoot, but her representative claims that the photos are “for work purposes”

Angelababy photographed in a wedding dress

News of Chinese multi-hyphenate Angelababy and her actor-singer boyfriend Huang Xiaoming’s marriage, which is  slated to happen later this year, have been surfacing time and time again, but 37-year-old Xiaoming is still keeping the wedding date under wraps.

Earlier this week, a netizen had claimed that the celebrity couple will be having an October wedding in Shanghai, supporting his statement by saying that they were in Paris for a wedding photoshoot.

However, Xiaoming and his staff have clarified the rumour and revealed that the location will not be Shanghai.

Angelababy photographed in a wedding dress

Yesterday, another netizen posted a photo of a smiling 26-year-old Angelababy in a white wedding dress, veil and all, making even more netizens believe the France photoshoot rumour.

Although the authenticity of the photo has not been confirmed by Angela or Xiaoming, many netizens have already looked past that, complimenting her beauty and showing their anticipation for the official wedding photographs.

Upon discovering this, Angela’s representative has denied the claims and used the excuse that the photoshoot was for work purposes.

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